Govt of Tamilnadu announced unique Solar Energy Policy on Oct 20, 2012 The Chairman of TANGEDCO (Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation) briefed the features of the Policy to potential Investors on Nov 23, 2012 RLCPPL offers EPC Contracts on Turnkey basis. This includes Project Study, Engineering, Design, Technical Support, Sourcing, Vendor Negotiation,Building and Commissioning of Solar Power Projects. Do you want to set up a Solar Power Plant, mail us your interest to: Visit us at
Solar Power Project

"On Monday, July 25, 2011 at 2.19 pm, our 1 MW Solar Power Project has been Commissioned and connected to 22 KV Grid"

This is our humble beginning to support India's green energy initiative.

The Project was commissioned in the presence of

1. Dr R Lakshmipathy, Publisher, Dinamalar National Tamil Daily
2. Sri L Adimoolam, Managing Director, RL Clean Power Pvt Ltd.
3. Dr L Ramasubbu, Director, RL Clean Power Pvt Ltd.
4. Mr Prashanth Elavarthi, Project Leader, Wipro Eco Energy, a Division of Wipro Ltd., our EPC Vendor

The officials from TNEB who graced the occassion are:

1. Mr Kumaraswamy Raja, Superintending Engineer, TNEB Sivaganga,
2. Mr Balasubramanian, Executive Engineer MRT, TNEB, Sivaganga,
3. Mr Samuel, Executive Engineer, TNEB Sivaganga,
4. Mr Shanmugasundaram, Asst Executive Engineer, MRT, TNEB Kalayarkoil,
5. Mr Chandrasoodan, Asst Engineer, TNEB, Maravan Mangalam,
6. Mr Venkataswamy, TNEB,
7. Mr Manimaran, Asst Engineer, Kalayarkoil SS

We thank MNRE, IREDA, TNEB, TEDA for helping us to take our dream to reality.

Solar Energy

The most important supplier of energy for the earth is the sun. The whole of life depends on the sun's energy. It is the starting point for the chemical and biological processes on our planet. At the same time it is the most environmentally friendly form of all energies, it can be used in many ways and it is suitable for all social systems.

In the core of the sun a fusion process takes place in which pairs of hydrogen nuclei are fused into helium nuclei. The energy thus released is radiated into space in the form of electromagnetic radiation. As the sun is 143 million km from the earth it radiates only a tiny fraction of its energy to the earth. In spite of this, the sun offers more energy in a quarter of an hour than the human race uses in a whole year.

The age of the sun is estimated by astrophysicists to be about 5 billion years. With a total life expectation of 10 billion years the sun will be available as an energy source for another 5 billion years. Hence from our human perspective the sun offers an unlimited life.

Highest power generation

" On 1.1.2012 Export - 6924 units is the highest power generation so far "

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