Govt of Tamilnadu announced unique Solar Energy Policy on Oct 20, 2012 The Chairman of TANGEDCO (Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation) briefed the features of the Policy to potential Investors on Nov 23, 2012 RLCPPL offers EPC Contracts on Turnkey basis. This includes Project Study, Engineering, Design, Technical Support, Sourcing, Vendor Negotiation,Building and Commissioning of Solar Power Projects. Do you want to set up a Solar Power Plant, mail us your interest to: Visit us at
Solar thermal energy

Solar Thermal Water Heating Systems

Hot water is one of life's necessities and perhaps one of the most difficult areas in which to cut back and conserve, no matter how determined you may be to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar thermal water heating systems offer the perfect compromise by enabling you to heat your water using green, renewable energy. Even in the depths of winter, state-of-the-art vacuum sealed units ensure your heated water is largely unaffected by extremes of ambient temperature. And because your solar thermal water heating system can work in tandem with your existing water heating arrangements, there's never any danger you'll be left without hot water.

* Reduce your hot water heating bills

* No need for planning permission

* Ideal for the British climate

* Works even on cloudy days (dawn till dusk all year round even in winter)

* Supplies up to 70% of your annual hot water needs

Current Projects

Site has been selected and a project land of about 54 acres have been purchased at Marakathoor & Puliyoorani Village, Sivaganga District, Tamilnadu and fencing is in progress.

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