Govt of Tamilnadu announced unique Solar Energy Policy on Oct 20, 2012 The Chairman of TANGEDCO (Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation) briefed the features of the Policy to potential Investors on Nov 23, 2012 RLCPPL offers EPC Contracts on Turnkey basis. This includes Project Study, Engineering, Design, Technical Support, Sourcing, Vendor Negotiation,Building and Commissioning of Solar Power Projects. Do you want to set up a Solar Power Plant, mail us your interest to: Visit us at
Company Status

RL Clean Power Private Limited (RLCPL) is registered under the Companies act 1956, in August 2009 in India with the sole objective to produce Power through clean energy technologies including solar

We aim to achieve our vision and objectives in a simple two step process that involves

generating electricity using Solar Power Energy and feeding it directly to the government power grid

Location of the site is:

Marakathoor & Puliyoorani Village,
Sivaganga District,

Topographical Plan:


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